An Exclusive Interview with Laura Loomer

On the evening of August 11, 2018, self-funded conservative national investigative journalist Laura Loomer attended an open house fundraiser for current Minnesota State Representative and U.S. Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar.  Omar was joined at the fundraiser by Michigan U.S. Congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib. The fundraiser was held at the Holy Land Deli in Minneapolis.  Loomer, who is famous for her videos featuring questions to candidates and politicians that the mainstream media refuses to ask, videoed the interaction between herself, Tlaib and Omar.  The video has blown up social media and resulted in Loomer having her Facebook page unpublished.

Deplorable Housewives spoke to Loomer about her experience at the Omar Fundraiser.

Deplorable Housewives of the Midwest (DHMW): Laura, do you want to tell us what happened at the fundraiser for Ilhan Omar?

Laura Loomer (LL): Last night I attended one of Ilhan Omar’s campaign events. It was described as a public event, open to the public held at the Holy Land Restaurant here in Minnesota. And one of the guests who was campaigning along side her was Rashida Tlaib, who is a Palestinian Muslim woman who just won her primary in the state of Michigan.  And she’s running uncontested, so she will, by default, become the first Palestinian Muslim candidate elected to the United States Congress.  Both Rashida and Ilhan are campaigning with Linda Sarsour and they have both been endorsed by CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations).  I find this to be extremely problematic because CAIR was found during the Holy Land Foundation trial to have funded Hamas, which is a terrorist organization.  The United States Government recognizes Hamas as a terrorist organization.  CAIR, as an organization, does not recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization. So, Rashida, who is Palestinian, I really wanted to know, if she becomes a congressional candidate elected to office, whether she would recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization, like our United States Government does. Because if she doesn’t, just imagine the implications it would have for her Jewish constituents. What happens if a Hamas terrorist kills somebody in her district in Detroit and then she’s going to say they’re not a terrorist.  What? Is it justified, right? Because she and her family have loyalties to Hamas.  Recently, too, Linda Sarsour declared that Siraj Wahhaj, who is the 1993 co-conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing was her hero and her mentor. This past week, Siraj Wahhaj’s son was arrested for starving 11 children who were kidnapped and placed inside his compound, which is a jihadi training camp in New Mexico and they were training kids to be school shooters, jihadi school shooters. Linda Sarsour is directly tied to them. And these candidates have been campaigning with Linda.  I find that to be problematic because Linda herself is very anti-Jewish.  She took a picture with a swastika with the Muslim Brotherhood sign.  She has called for jihad against President Trump, and she also is supported by CAIR, which is listed as a terrorist organization in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). CAIR is now out front declaring their sympathy and support for the Wahhaj family, despite the fact that they are on the United States terror watch list. And I’m concerned as a Jewish-American woman in this country, what that means having these terror-tied Muslim candidates elected to office.  What it means for me as a “non-believer.” Right? The Quran verse 9:5 – people like to say doesn’t say anything about killing Jews in the Quran, but it does. Verse 9:5 it says, “kill the non-believers.”  And the goal of Islam to impose a global caliphate and to either spread Islam through Dawah – you invite people – and if they don’t, then you’re allowed by the word of Mohammed and Allah to commit jihad as a way to impose this caliphate.  It’s very concerning because you have all these apologists in the United States Government and the media acting as if anybody who speaks out against a Muslim candidate is an Islamophobe or a hater or a bigot. And they’re completely ignoring this other aspect of this and it doesn’t matter if you are Linda Sarsour and literally call for jihad, which is legally defined in the Tafsir – the Tasfir is this book that is recognized by all Muslims as legally defining every single verse in the Quran. And the Tasfir describes jihad as warfare against non-Muslims. So, Linda Sarsour is calling for war against non-Muslims and President Trump and the media is giving her a pass because she’s a Muslim woman. And it’s very dangerous. There’s an increasing wave of anti-Semitism in places like Europe that has been directly attributed to Islamic immigration.  And it’s coming to America. And it’s here. You already see the effects of this, the Palestinian candidate felt so comfortable in the way that she was supported by the people in the media and her own supporters there. She felt comfortable enough to physically assault me.

DHMW: And what did she do to you?

LL: She grabbed my cellphone and she tried to steal it from me and she shoved me.

DHMW: Where did she shove you?

LL: My arms. It’s on video.

DHMW: Now, when you had gone to see Abdul Al-Sayed (former Michigan Gubernatorial candidate) did anything similar happen to you?

LL: Abdul didn’t put his hands on me, but he lied to me. I said, “You are a Sharia compliant Muslim, you’re a member of the Muslim Brotherhood,” and he denied it. I said “The Quran calls for the killing of gays,” and he lied and said that was not true. In the Quran it literally says that homosexuality is punishable by death, right? So he’s a liar.  He just had his handlers push me away. But I was also very verbally harassed and accosted by his supporters who were getting very, very aggressive with me. If the cameras weren’t rolling, they probably would have assaulted me. It’s just really scary because there’s these gangs of Muslim supporters, and also a gang of rabid leftists who have aligned with the Islamic Movement in America and they are totally comfortable with accosting Jews and accosting Christians and anybody who challenges Islam and they’re very violent. And they’re getting a pass because the media has created this narrative that Muslims are the most protected class of individuals on this planet.

DHMW: Did you have a fallout similar to what you are experiencing today when you went to interview Abdul El-Sayed?

LL: Well, when I confronted Abdul El-Sayed the thing is, he actually at least tried to answer my questions. I mean, he ran away from me and he dodged my question, but he at least acknowledged me at first and there was the point on camera, and it was so ridiculous because everybody knows that Islam calls for the killing of gays. Right? It’s not exactly a secret. And so, people were more critical, but the thing about Rashida and Ilhan is they were there, and maybe it’s because they’re women, I don’t know what the issue is, but people are more hostile towards me. They see that I’m being very effective because I’m traveling the country exposing a lot of these jihadi candidates.

DHMW: It seemed like Ilhan had recognized you.

LL: Ilhan recognized me and that’s the thing.  Rashida was going to answer my question but then Ilhan came over and said “don’t talk to her, she is here to cause trouble” and they said “she’s a trap,” like I was there to trap them.  Which I wasn’t.  I was just there to ask a question.

DHMW: Yes, as an American citizen, you have your right to ask a question. What are your goals for your investigations here in Minnesota?

LL: My goals are to raise awareness, just like it was in Michigan about, candidates who are running who have ties to terrorism. I’m not specifically targeting Muslims.  I’m pinpointing candidates across this country who have direct ties to terrorism –  anybody who is elevating an ideology that is hostile to the United States Constitution and hostile to Jews and Christians in this country.

DHMW: So you’re not singling out Muslims?

LL: I’m not singling out Muslims. There’s a lot of Democrats who are non-Muslims who are supporting groups like CAIR, who I’ve also been very critical of.

DHMW: You also went to see (California congresswoman) Maxine Waters…

LL: Yeah. I confronted Maxine, I’ve confronted Hillary (Clinton), James Comey, Huma Abedin, all types of people.  I’m even critical of Jews. But the issue is they’re just desperate to portray me as an Islamophobe and as a bigot and as a racist and a hater and, you know, that’s their tactic. It’s very concerning. We’re seeing this rise of anti-Semitism instead of calling the candidates out on their public displays of Jew hatred, which are on Twitter for everyone to see, the media is attacking me and calling me a Nazi. And what I find to be extremely egregious is the fact that Rashida once heckled Donald Trump at one of his events and yelled questions at him and the media celebrated her as a hero. They said, “Oh, look, she’s speaking out against the Muslim ban and hate and bigotry.” And they celebrated her and now they’re saying, “Oh, Rashida once heckled Trump and now she’s elected to congress.” Well, I showed up to Rashida’s event and questioned her publicly and I’m being branded as a hater. But, I’m standing up against hate too. I don’t appreciate when my people, Jewish people, are being slaughtered by Hamas terrorists who Rashida and her family support. She doesn’t even recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization, because Hamas is the official government in Palestine.

DHMW: And as a result of last night, you have been silenced on social media.

LL: Yeah, I was banned on Facebook. Within 12 hours or less or so of me posting my video confronting Ilhan and Rashida, Facebook unpublished my journalist page.  I’ve been silenced. I’m not allowed to do this. It’s a growing trend in the conservative movement. Facebook and Twitter and other tech companies are silencing us and it’s been increasing as the midterms approach and there are a lot of primaries this month.  Many prominent conservatives have been shut down between Gavin McInnes and InfoWars was shut down. A lot of people – a lot of powerful voices.

DHMW: We have an investigation into our president with Russian interference into our elections here, yet, we have social media like Twitter, Facebook seeming to do the same thing by shutting down voices and opinions to influence elections.

LL: Yeah. I agree completely. And it’s very concerning.

DHMW: It’s like “1984” coming to fruition.

LL: And I feel like its Nazi Germany, you know, the way that the Nazis branded the Jews with yellow stars.  Twitter and social media companies are doing the same. They’re branding conservatives by shadowbanning us. They’re creating lists to target people who are the untouchables just like the Nazis did to the Jews. Honestly, you see what’s happening in Europe and there are Jews fleeing Europe just like they did during the time of the Holocaust because the Jew hatred is just so intense right now and it’s directly attributed to Islamic immigration and people need to wake up. Because if we get jihadi candidates elected to congress, who don’t stand with the United States, who don’t stand with Israel, who believe it’s okay to slaughter Jewish people because they are Sharia compliant, we are going to have serious issues in this country.

DHMW: What do you feel drives you to do what you do?

LL: Well, I believe in what I stand for. I believe in standing up for the Jewish people, the American people.  I’m a patriot.  I support my country. I support my president. But, I never got to meet my grandfather. He died when I was very young. But my father told me stories. And my grandfather, who was a Jew, he had a swastika on his medical diploma because the Nazis were in charge at the time. You know? And my grandfather was arrested, he was bullied, he was harassed by Nazis in Germany when he was attending medical school. It’s a miracle he was even able to graduate from medical school and get a diploma. It’s just shameful for me, because the fact that, you know, that’s what my grandfather had to deal with and I never really got to meet him because he died when I was very young, but it could happen to me and I feel like I have a duty, even though I didn’t meet my grandfather, to stand up for people like him and others who have really had to deal with the most vile hate there ever was known to man. That was the time of the Holocaust, right? When people say, “never again,” we have a duty to make sure it happens never again. And of all places, I thought America would be a safe haven and that nothing like this would ever be able to happen in America. Honestly, I feel like the next coming, the next Holocaust or movement against conservatives or Jews, I feel like it’s happening in America.

DHMW: Are you scared?

LL: I’m not scared. I’m scared for everybody else. I’m not scared for myself. If I get death threats, that’s fine. Whatever. But I’m scared for what it means for the rest of the people who aren’t as strong as me.  People who aren’t as brave or don’t have the courage to speak up because I use my platform to speak up for the silent majority who are too scared to speak up. And what happens if I’m silenced and I’m banned? Who is going to stand up for Jewish communities or Christian communities or people who are being targeted by Muslims? Who’s going to stand up for people who are victims of terrorism, victims of hate? Who is going to call out jihadi candidates and their infiltrations and subversion into American politics? Who is going to do it? Who’s going to do it? Because, our government surely isn’t. Our representatives are not taking a stand. Everybody is scared of being branded an Islamophobe.

UPDATED August 12, 2018 9:21pm ET