Eastern Carver County Schools: Giving Away Personal Information to Push an Agenda

Parents in Eastern Carver County School District in Minnesota are mad.

Now, their private phone numbers have been sold by the school district to the progressive Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation (RLF) to encourage them to vote “yes” in the upcoming referendum on November 5.

On Tuesday night, district parents received a call on behalf of the “Vote Yes” campaign. The woman who made the calls told parents she worked for the Minneapolis RLF. She explained the “Vote Yes” campaign in Eastern Carver County contacted the state’s teacher’s union – Education Minnesota – who paid for a list of the parent’s phone numbers to be given to America Votes. After being questioned by several parents as to who initiated these calls, the caller admitted that Chris Commers is the person who set up the calls on behalf of the “Vote Yes” campaign. Commers is the president of district’s teachers union, The Chaska Education Association, according to his LinkedIn.  America Votes had RLF members placing the calls according to parents who received the call.

Political organizations behind the Vote Yes campaign

America Votes is a political entity that aims to coordinate and promote progressive issues, according to its Wikipedia page. Its website states that America Votes is the coordination hub of the progressive community.  Although America Votes does not disclose its donors, the Center for Public Integrity states between 40 percent and 50 percent of its donations come from wealthy donors connected to the Democracy Alliance, a secretive nonprofit whose funders include leftist progressive billionaire investor George Soros.

The Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation, according to its website, is the umbrella organization of Minneapolis area local unions and includes 175 affiliated unions. Associated with the AFL-CIO, the Minneapolis RLF’s mission is to organize in the community for social and economic justice for all working people. One of the organizers listed on the RLF website is David Gilbert Pederson, who was the chair of Ilhan Omar’s campaign for the Minnesota House and was the chair of her congressional campaign. The AFL-CIO’s political organizing arm is called “Working America” and has been advertising anti-Trump employment opportunities in the Twin Cities on Craigslist since Donald Trump was elected in November 2016. It is a well funded endeavor as they offer $15 an hour plus benefits.

The Progressive takeover of education and local governments

This leftist progressive agenda and takeover of Eastern Carver County Schools is happening across the country. According to The American Thinker, a significant amount of progressive groups and organizations with financial support from people like George Soros are active across America and are subverting local governments and education. The Daily Caller estimates that these progressive groups are already in 33 cities and counties, comprise 10 percent of all Americans.

Parents Distrust the School District

The Eastern Carver County Schools are not hiding the fact that they are relying on coordinated efforts by politically progressive left-wing organizations in order to get it’s referendum passed, despite the fact that Superintendent Clint Christopher said to us in an email earlier this year, “The district role is to inform (about the referendum), not advocate.”

One parent who received the call urging them to vote yes said, “Earlier this year, the school district gave our email addresses and the addresses of our students to a company that conducted a racist and offensive equity survey. The survey asked questions about our children’s sexual orientations and preferences without our permission. Now, the district gave out our phone numbers to vote “yes” on the referendum. The way they have acted throughout this past year is unprofessional and they have lost my trust.”

School district gives away parent and student emails

The company the school district gave email addresses to without parental permission was Ajusted Equity Solutions, who conducted an equity survey earlier this year. Only 14% of parents in the district returned the surveys. (Despite the low survey sampling, the district is going full-steam ahead on the equity plan based on these results.) The Deplorable Housewives of the Midwest discovered that an Ajusted Equity employee who sent the survey to parents was a blatant anti-Semite named Sherief Elabbady.  Elabbady’s social media posts included photos that said, “End Israel’s Occupation of Palestine” and “Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine”. He also had a Facebook post listing him as the host of a January 2017 anti-Trump protest at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport that was also attended by Ilhan Omar.

After the article came out exposing Elabbady and his social media posts, his Facebook page was scrubbed and he changed his name to “Abu Maryam”. The Deplorable Housewives also discovered thorough social media that Elabbady’s boss, Dr. Muhammad Khalifa, had spoken at a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Muslim-American Society/Islamic Circle of North America conference in Chicago in 2018. When we asked Eastern Carver County School District Clint Christopher if he was concerned about what we discovered, he skirted the issue by saying that “Dr. Khalifa is nationally-recognized as an expert in this field and we are confident that the results he provides will benefit all Eastern Carver County Students.” However, Mr. Christopher’s reply did not address the elephant in the room that he hired anti-Semitic, anti-Trump and Muslim Brotherhood affiliated people to conduct an equity survey for his school district. The fact that this does not bother the superintendent should bother EVERY parent in the Eastern Carver County School District.

It should also bother parents that equity surveys were also sent to their students which asked them very personal questions about their sexual preferences and orientation without their consent.

Rumors, Racists and Liars

A video by Alpha News which uncovered facts and addressed parent/taxpayer concerns about the issues in Eastern Carver County School District was immediately deemed “false,” “rumors,” and “racist” by the school district. Ironic since the district had no problem with the racist and personal questions that were asked in the school district’s equity survey.

What makes this all the more ironic is that at the October 28, 2019 school board meeting, Tim Klein, the chairman of the Eastern Carver County School Board, admonished parents on the “Vote No” side of the referendum issue, accusing them of being “political” and liars when they challenged the school district’s alleged facts.

The “Vote Yes” group is political. Very political. While the head of  Eastern Carver County teacher’s union spearheads a pro-referendum phone call campaign via highly partisan political organizations, “intercultural specialists” in the school district have published highly political social media posts against President Trump.

We have seen the anti-Trump bias of the equity survey company hired by the district. Even the Equity Advisory Council that was formed by the school board is comprised of only left-leaning progressive parents who support the referendum. Several of the parents who serve on the equity advisory council are affiliated with the highly political and partisan leftist group Indivisible, which also has financial ties to Soros. There are no conservative members serving on the equity advisory council in Eastern Carver County. The equity agenda in Eastern Carver County Schools is being driven completely by the left.

And yet, the board has the audacity to accuse those who are not supporting the referendum of being political!

There has also been a lot of shenanigans going on during the referendum campaign. Some “Vote No” parents told The Deplorable Housewives of the Midwest that many lawn signs against the referendum have been stolen from their properties. Campaign signs are considered personal property and taking a sign without permission is theft, pursuant to Minnesota Statute Section 609.52.

Referendum: Is it really for the kids?

Although the taxpayers/parents/stakeholders in the Eastern Carver County School District have been told that if they don’t vote for the referendum, programs will be cut and teachers will lose their jobs. However, at a recent Victoria City Council meeting, DeeDee Kahring, the Director of Finance and Operations for the school district admitted that the referendum will go towards paying down debt. “We have been overspending,” Kahring told the Victoria City Council, “Our revenue has not kept up with our expenses.”

Eastern Carver County School District parents, your kids deserve so much better than this. Remember this gigantic mess that your school board — who is asking you for MORE money — has created when you walk into the voting booth on Election Day.