Ellison: US Constitution is a White Racist Conspiracy

Minnesota Congressman, Vice-Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and current candidate for Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison (DFL-MN5) called the United States Constitution a “white racist conspiracy” and proposed a separate nation for blacks in a series of articles he wrote when he was in law school in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The articles were uncovered by The Daily Caller in 2016 when Ellison was running for the vice-chairmanship of the DNC and very little has been said of the incendiary articles since they were discovered two years ago.

Back in 1989 and 1990, Ellison was a law student at the University of Minnesota and wrote for “The Minnesota Daily” under the name, “Keith E. Hakim.”  Ellison wrote that he supported a “blacks only” nation and felt that black Americans should be entitled to receive cash from white Americans for reparations from the atrocities of slavery which occurred well over 150 years ago.  In his inflammatory article, Ellison shocked readers by writing that he thought the United States Constitution was the “best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate other peoples.”

How ironic that the man who wrote this is now a member of the United States Congress, who took a pledge to uphold the Constitution in his job as a representative of the State of Minnesota. To add insult to injury, Ellison is running for Minnesota Attorney General, the top law enforcer position in the state. If he thought that the Constitution is a racist document, then will he in good faith uphold the Constitution as Attorney General?

In a February 1990 article called “Affirmative Action Does Not Make Up For Past Injustice,” Ellison advocated for segregation. He proposed the country’s African American population should have the option to live in a separate part of the United States. He wrote:

“Finally, blacks would have the option of choosing their own land base or remaining in the United States. Since black people toiled most diligently in the southeastern section of the United States, this land, quite naturally, would be most suitable. That means Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. Blacks, of course, would not be compelled to move to the black state, and, of course, peaceful whites would not be compelled to move away.

This is a bargain.

Whites would be relieved of the burdens of the black-faced but white-dominated social programs. Blacks would employ themselves, teach their own children the truth and control their own neighborhoods. Black-white interaction would be voluntary instead of compelled. No more busing, no more affirmative action and, best of all, no more white guilt. White people could righteously say they have ‘settled their debts with blacks.’ Urban blacks, long alienated from society by poverty, forced segregation and media-vilification, would no longer strike fear in whites. Think of it, whites could reclaim their cities — without dispossessing anyone.

Now the liberals may oppose this reparations program because, of course, they justify their existence by championing so-called lost causes.”


In another article he wrote called “Minister Farrakhan Never Claimed to be Malcolm X,” Ellison defended the controversial Nation of Islam and called the works of the black nationalist group to be worthy of praise. “The news media prints only the most sensational bits and pieces, never the whole story. This leaves people believing that the Nation of Islam is some kind of black Ku Klux Klan, and they immediately dismiss all of its laudable work,” Ellison wrote.

Some may argue that these articles were written many years ago when the young Hakim…I mean…Ellison was in Law School and that it isn’t fair to dig up such ancient dirt on the man who now seeks to be the Attorney General of Minnesota. But the fact is that Ellison felt so strongly in his beliefs that he put them down on paper to be published and read. And they are still out there to be read. And no major Minnesota media outlet is questioning any of Ellison’s deeply disturbing articles from nearly three decades ago. The local media has not reported on any of this to insure that Minnesotans will go to the voting booths with as little pertinent information as possible. The media also refuses to report on Ellison’s support for cop killers, Antifa and Open Borders.  After all, think of the fun Minnesota will have with lawlessness and chaos!

However, these radical writings of Ellison appear to be the least of his worries. In the past few months, he has been busy denying the accusation by his ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan that he domestically abused her after Monahan’s son wrote a Facebook post describing the abuse his mother endured at the hands of the Minnesota Congressman and DNC vice-chairman. A May 16, 2005 police report surfaced a few days later from another one of Ellison’s ex-girlfriends, Amy Alexander, naming Ellison specifically as the person who assaulted her. But unlike the vague sexual assault accusations lobbed at Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the allegations against Ellison have been largely ignored, especially by the likes of Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith.

An “independent investigation” by a Democrat Party-linked law firm found the allegations against Ellison “unsubstantiated” because Monahan did not produce the video she claims she has which showed Ellison dragging her off a bed by her feet and verbally abusing her.

Photo: Twitter

Never mind Monahan’s doctor’s report noting the abuse she endured from Ellison and Monahan’s son affirming the existence of the abuse video.

And despite Monahan’s allegations, Ellison’s candidacy for Attorney General has received the glowing endorsement from none other than Rep. Ilhan Omar (DFL-60B), the Minnesota state representative who allegedly married her biological brother for immigration fraud purposes and is now racking up a slew of campaign finance and Minnesota House violations.

These democrats put the “fun” in dysfunction.

Minnesotan’s need to do their homework and continue digging into who Keith Ellison really is. In this day and age of immediate information, there is no reason voters should enter the voting booth uninformed and The Deplorable Housewives of the Midwest are happy to help in that process.