The Farmington (MN) Tigers High School Marching Band unveils changes to controversial field show.

As Deplorable Housewives of the Midwest reported last week, the Farmington Tigers High School marching band found itself in the middle of controversy after performing its 2018-19 field show titled “Dystopia.”  The controversy was caused when some parents and community members expressed outrage of the band’s use of the word “RESIST” with a raised fist image at the end of the field show.

Farmington Tigers Marching Band spells out the word “Resist” at a recent High School football half-time show in Farmington, MN

Band directors, Erin Holmes and Bradley Mariska, insisted they had no political intention with the use of the word “resist.”  However, due to complaints, they announced the show would be changed: The word RESIST and the accompanying raised fist image would be changed to “UNITE” with two hands clasped together instead.

The change seems like a positive one.  “UNITE” carries far more positive connotations for most people and still fits well into the show’s overall theme of “Dystopia.”

Though some argued on social media that the show shouldn’t be changed at all, there was also positive feedback.  One parent told Deplorable Housewives, “In true Hunger Games style, students showed unity tonight. While resist dominated the news headlines this week, it was no where to be found. As a parent, I’m glad politics has been removed from the show, so students can focus on their art.”

Farmington students demonstrate unity with a “Hunger Games” style salute. (Facebook photo)

The students’ talents are demonstrated throughout the approximately eight minute field show.  The time and energy taken for the band and the teachers to create a show is immeasurable. It is unfortunate that the band directors believed that use of the politically loaded word “resist” wouldn’t cause controversy with parents and the community.  However, the switch to “UNITE” seems to be a positive one.