Hey Hillary, It’s Time to Take a Break

“And part of that is an identification with the Republican Party, and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.” Hillary Clinton

In an interview with India Today on Saturday, March 10, 2018, Hillary Clinton claimed she lost the support of white women because they listened to their husbands and bosses.

Apparently, Ms. Clinton believes that conservative white women are too weak to form their own opinions.  In the interview, she also blames former FBI Director James Comey’s late October 2016 announcement that he was reopening the review into Clinton’s missing emails. She claims that up to that point, she was ahead in the polls, even with married white women, but when that information dropped – BOOM!  The married white women suddenly started listening to their husbands and bosses, who were telling the women Clinton was going to jail (we can only hope that actually happens, c’mon Jeff Sessions!) which caused the women to drop their support and switch their votes to Trump.  Uh, yeah….that’s exactly what happened. Right.

Since the election results stunned Clinton (so much that she was incapable of speaking to her teary-eyed supporters who had spent the evening standing in a ballroom watching as Trump won state after state) nearly a year and a half ago, Clinton has been making excuse after excuse for her loss: it was Comey’s fault, white women are too weak to know their own minds; it was the Russians and their collusion with the Trump team (of which Trump and his team were exonerated), etc.  At no point has Clinton admitted her own culpability in her loss: She was a terrible candidate, a has-been, who had to rig the Democratic primaries in order to beat an old, white, communist male opponent.

Perhaps, Ms. Clinton, it wasn’t that married white women were too afraid to stand up to their husbands and bosses and vote for you.  Rather, the issue is that married white women are old enough to remember your antics and those of your husband in the White House in the ’90s?  We haven’t forgotten the Whitewater scandal.  We haven’t forgotten your attacks on women who were allegedly raped by your husband.  We haven’t forgotten Benghazi.  We know you are shady.  And rather than fall for your identity politics, we’re too smart to vote for someone based solely on a physical attribute – in Clinton’s case, the fact that she has a vagina and identifies as female.

Please, Hillary, give it a rest.  Obviously, considering your inability to walk down some stairs without falling or hold a live stream broadcast without coughing through 90 percent of it, you need a rest.  Go home.  Because, in your words, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”