HuffPo Bullies Twitter Conservative

  1. Huffington Post author Luke O’Brien published personal information about (“Doxxed”) @AmyMek: a conservative Trump-supporter and radical Islam critic, who also happens to own a top Twitter account.

While America argued about Roseanne’s “racist” tweet and Samantha Bee’s use of a derogatory word to insult Ivanka  Trump, an anonymous Twitter user was being doxxed by a Huffington Post reporter.

With over 225,000 followers, Amy Mek (@AmyMek) is a top Twitter account.  She also is pro-Trump, pro-Israel and is an outspoken voice against Shariah law and radical Islam.  Due to the dangers that come with being a critic of radical Islam, Mek had taken care to remain as anonymous as possible.  HuffPo reporter Luke O’Brien disagrees with Mek’s views, so set about to “out” her to punish her for the “hate” he claims she posts.

Just revealing Amy Mek’s real identity wasn’t enough for O’Brien: he also went so far to get her husband fired from his job.  Mek is married to Sal Siino, who until O’Brien intervened, was the Senior Vice President of Global Content Distribution & Business Development at WWE.

O’Brien reported:

Last Friday, after HuffPost asked the WWE a second time if anyone there had known about @AmyMek before hiring Siino, the company responded definitively.

“No,” said the WWE spokesperson. “Now that it has come to our attention, Sal Siino is no longer an employee.”

Asking her Twitter followers for help, Mek tweeted:

Many have come to her aid, calling out O’Brien for his “doxxing” of a private citizen.

Pamela Geller compared the left and HuffPo to “Communist China, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia”:

Jihad Watch‘s Robert Spencer tweeted:

Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich both tweeted their condemnation of HuffPo and support for Mek.

“This is #War”

Investigative journalist, Laura Loomer responded saying, “Why do conservatives just sit back and watch as liberals sabotage our people? When is the Right going to FIGHT BACK?!? You have to fight fire with fire. Wake up. This is #War.”

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  1. Let’s find everything we can about Luke O’Brien & publish it: address, wife’s work, his work phone #’s, what kind of car he has, license #, etc…& publish it. @lukeobrien
    917-284-8226 (probably work phone)
    See how he likes it!

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