Important Information Missing From ‘Top 25 Most Dangerous Cities’ Story

CBS News published the most recent list of the Top 25 Dangerous Cities in America. The list is compiled from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and reflects 2016, the most recent year of data available. While it lists the cities with the highest rates of violent crimes, one important piece of information is missing from the data.  Who are the mayors of the most violent cities and to what political party they belong.

Also noteworthy is that 15 of the 25 most dangerous cities are in the Midwest.

So, The Deplorable Housewives of the Midwest researched the top 25 most dangerous cities and who is in charge.

#1) Detroit  Mayor: Mike Duggan (Democrat)

#2) St. Louis, MO  Mayor: Lyda Krewson (Democrat)

#3) Memphis, TN  Mayor: Jim Strickland (Democrat)

#4) Baltimore, MD  Mayor: Catherine Pugh (Democrat)

#5) Rockford, IL  Mayor: Tom McNamara (Democrat)

#6) Kansas City, MO  Mayor: Sly James (Democrat)

#7) Cleveland, OH  Mayor: Frank George Jackson (Democrat)

#8) Milwaukee, WI  Mayor: Tom Barrett (Democrat)

#9) Little Rock, AK  Mayor: Mark Stodola (Democrat)

#10) Oakland, CA  Mayor: Libby Schaaf (Democrat) – TIE

#10) Stockton, CA   Mayor: Michael Tubbs (Democrat) – TIE

#12) Indianapolis, IN  Mayor: Joe Hogsett (Democrat)

#13) Springfield, MO  Mayor: Ken McClure (Democrat)

#14) San Bernadino   Mayor: R. Carey Davis (Republican)

#15) Toledo  Mayor: Wade Kapszukjewicz (Democrat)

#16) Lansing, MI  Mayor: Virgil Bernero (Democrat)

#17) Anchorage, AK  Mayor: Ethan Berkowitz (Democrat)

#18) Washington, DC  Mayor: Muriel Bowser (Democrat)

#19) Springfield, IL  Mayor: Jim Langfelder (Democrat)

#20) Beaumont, TX  Mayor: Becky Ames (Unknown Political Affiliation) – TIE

#20) Albuquerque, NM   Mayor: Tim Keller (Democrat) – TIE

#22) Buffalo, NY  Mayor: Byron Brown (Democrat)

#23) Minneapolis, MN  Mayor: Jacob Frey (Democrat)

#24) Chicago, IL  Mayor: Rahm Emanuel (Democrat)

#25) Nashville, TN  Mayor: David Briley (Democrat)

There is also a list of the safest cities in America.  Nine of the top 10 safest cities in America, according to our research, have Republican mayors.  The only Democrat mayor on the list of safest cities is Harold Weinbrecht of Cary, North Carolina.

Top 10 Safest Cities

#1) Naperville, Ill  Mayor: Steve Chirico (Republican)

#2) Cary, NC  Mayor: Harold Weinbrecht (Democrat)

#3) Allen, TX   Mayor: Steve Terrell (Republican)

#4) Gilbert, AZ   Mayor: Jenn Daniels (Republican)

#5) Irvine, CA  Mayor: Donald P. Wagner (Republican)

#6) Murietta, CA  Mayor: Jonathan Ingram (Republican)

#7) Frisco, TX  Mayor: Jeff Cheney (Republican)

#8) Thousand Oaks, CA  Mayor: Andrew Fox (Republican)

#9) Sunnyvale, CA  Mayor: Glenn Hendricks (Republican)

#10) Simi Valley CA  Mayor: Bob Huber (Republican)

Insert your own conclusion here.