The “Melting Pot’s” Liberating Influence on Islam

America is the only place on earth where people can experience, in one lifetime, the full scope of human existence.  From unbridled joy to merciless pain, this country is a contradiction in terms.  It is confined, gelatinous, coagulated chaos; the “Where’s Waldo” of the world.

In a country of 320 million floating brains you’ll not find two that think alike.  While unified in common principles, Bill and Ted will never share the same opinions.  You could raise them with a pack of wolves in a remote forest completely disconnected from humanity, and once implanted into civilization, Bill will think OJ was innocent and Ted will want him in the chair.  This is the dichotomy that reflects the true genius of our founders:  The creation of a country that embraces and protects humanity’s conflict with free will.

Here’s an example. I heard a story on MPR the other day about a woman who opened an LGBT prayer center for Muslims in Chicago.  Yep, you heard that right – an LGBT prayer center…for Muslims.  She is a lesbian who converted to Islam some five years ago and wanted to start a faction of the religion that would accept homosexuals into their mix.  The MPR reporter was interviewing her when the LGBT woman asked the reporter to turn off the cameras, stating, “Friday prayers are starting and Islam doesn’t permit recording.”  Do you see the contradiction?  She converted to Islam because of her desire to be Muslim but rejects the core tenet of Islam that condemns homosexuality, and at the same time defends the “no recording during Friday prayers” rule.


America molds everything into what we want it to be.  Individuals use their own justifications, opinions, and desires to create what they want to create, and then reach out to see if others want the same thing.  Once marginally accepted, we allow the culture to determine its overall validity.  Imagine in 20 years all of the subgroups of Islam that will emerge in this country.  The United Church of Beer and Bacon Muslims.  The Muslim Mosque of Man Marriage.  Heck, Joel Osteen might convert to Islam and start the Lakewood Church of Lazy Lebonites.  America has this inherent ability to take all that is wrong with religion – or anything else for that matter – and reshape it, dilute it, and expose its true character.  Remember the Westboro Baptist Church?

We know Islam to be a stringent authoritarian religious doctrine where government is Islam and Islam is government.  Can that exist in America?  Of course not.

At some point Islam will have to deal with this problem in the same way the Christian church dealt with over the last 240 years.  We know Islam to be a stringent authoritarian religious doctrine where government is Islam and Islam is government.  Can that exist in America?  Of course not.  True Islam will have to expose itself once American Islam challenges its authority.  Americans will destroy the tenets of the religion as each person acts to fit Islam into his or her own little box, evolving into MINO churches (Muslim In Name Only), forcing hardcore Islamists to confront the affront to their beliefs.  True Islam will have no choice but to condemn outright the stepchildren it unknowingly adopted.  MINO Islam will emerge victorious because America will reject true Islam for “not being nice to everyone.” In America, 99.99% of people reject Westboro Baptists despite it being a Christian church.  Think about that.  They are Baptists.  America accepts Baptists.  They are anti-gay.  Christians are mostly anti-gay.  They are united.  America loves unity.  Yet, we utterly reject WB Baptists only because “they aren’t very nice.”

Now… Do I understand that fundamentalist Islam isn’t compatible with American culture?  Of course I do.  Do I see that the leaders of Islam are attempting to infiltrate this country with their extremist ideologies?  Yep.  Do I recognize the dangers of religion in government and government in religion?  Yes, in the clearest of terms.  But at the same time, I can’t help but imagine an African American male marching in a parade down Hennepin Avenue, wearing a Hijab, a boa, and pink go-go shorts – drinking a beer.  And that will happen all by itself.

Welcome to America…Islam.

(Featured photo credit: MGN Online)

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