#MeToo is Full of Poo

As the #MeToo movement continues to take down many powerful and famous men in its wake, little is being said by members of this movement, or by any other feminist groups for that matter, about the derogatory, demeaning and disgusting lyrics towards women that have been sung by many famous “artists” over the years. Why is no one speaking against celebrities singing and rapping the anti-women agenda? Is it because the #MeToo movement is a crock of poo?

Lyrics that refer to women as “ho’s” and “bitches” are not only offensive, it makes society think it is okay to speak this way to women and treat them like dirt.

There is no intellectual thought behind lyrics that degrade and denigrate.  Most of the words to these kinds of songs pertain to violent sex acts and lewd behavior.  It is gutter talk and vulgar.  Then we sit around and scratch our heads wondering why behavior of today’s youth is out of control, disrespectful and aggressive.

Any parent who is not asking what is on their child’s iPod is not doing their job.  A white teenage boy once told me that he admires Eminem.  “What do you like about Eminem?” I asked.  “He’s a rapper and he’s a great poet,” answered the young man, “and he’s white like me.”  Looking at some of the lyrics in some of Eminem’s songs is enough to make a sailor blush.  In his song, “I’m Back,” Eminem sings about actress Jennifer Lopez: “I’m sorry Puff, but I don’t give a f* if this chick was my own mother, I still f* her with no rubber and *** inside her.”  Classy.  If this were my kid, I’d take the iPod and throw it away.

Kool G. Rap begins the song, “Hey Mister” with the line: “Last week I beat my bitch up in the street for lyin to me…”  Aren’t lyrics like this considered to be the real war on women? Where are the ladies from the National Organization of Women (NOW) or the Pink Hat Brigade?  They are eerily quiet when it comes to misogynistic violent lyrics against their own gender because it doesn’t forward their agendas.

Children are sponges and are greatly influenced by pop culture and celebrity. The very people who are busy pointing fingers at achievement gaps and school-to-prison pipelines should look directly at the artists they let into their children’s music library.  Singing about beating up women and having violent sex with them normalizes this abhorrent and abnormal behavior.

Parkland High School’s David Hogg is silent when it comes to talking about lyrics such as Nas’ “Shoot ‘Em Up” featuring words like “Let the trigger blow, seven shots now he lying on the ground.  Blood on the floor then we shot some more.” It’s just easier to blame the NRA because they are mostly conservative, law abiding citizens who know why our Founding Fathers thought the Second Amendment was important.

We need to start paying attention to what our children are listening to. We need to stop lionizing and celebrating crass, violent, disgusting, and degrading artists and their lyrics against women. Otherwise, we can expect society to continue circle the rim of the toilet of civilization.