Minnesota Day Care Providers to Walkout March 28!

by Susan Richardson

Photo courtesy of WDIO tv

If you thought walkouts were exclusively for high-school teenagers advocating for gun control, think again. The nonprofit, Minnesota Child Care Provider Information Network, (MCCPIN) is planning a statewide independent child care provider walkout on Wednesday, March 28, from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the MN Capitol. Calling the event, “The Joy Initiative, a Day Without Child Care,” seems like a misnomer considering the timing will create havoc and chaos for parents who must leave work to gather their darlings so the provider can attend the protest.

MN independent childcare walkout March 28, 2018.

This housewife did some checking into this organization to determine if it is truly a grassroots effort to advocate for child care providers. The results of my research indicate that this organization was created to pimp for a legislative push to place child care providers under federal control. H.F. 3773 Child Care for Working Families Act  was introduced by Congressman Robert Scott (D-VA) in 2017 and is supported by Nancy Pelosi. The bill is the “Obamacare” of child care and will amend the Child Care and Developmental Block Grant of 1990 which was established to serve low-income populations. Under H.F. 3773, funding will no longer be confined to low-income populations but will include children in under-served areas and children with disabilities.

Much like Obama’s school discipline policies requiring schools to reduce racial disparities or face reductions in federal funding, H.F. 3773 prohibits suspensions, expulsions and adverse behavioral interventions in day care facilities. The bill requires states to implement a system to ensure children are not suspended or disciplined. Providers that refuse to comply will not receive funding. The dangerous learning environment these policies created in some public schools will be implemented in day care centers across the country should the bill become law.

Like Obamacare, the bill requires states to implement a payment rate and prohibits child care providers receiving financial assistance from charging more than the established co-payment. States will be required to develop and use a cost estimation model before receiving funds from the federal government which will then be dispersed to day care providers across the state.

Total cost for this monstrosity is $20 billion for fiscal year 2018, $30 billion for fiscal year 2019 and $40 billion for 2020.

“I will not be attending this walkout,” said a MN day care provider who wishes to remain anonymous. “The government has its hand in my business too deeply now and I am tired of people trying to capture attention using union tactics.”


3 thoughts on “Minnesota Day Care Providers to Walkout March 28!”

  1. Susan, I see your motto is “serving up a slice of truth”.
    Minnesota child care provider infomation network aka,MCCPIN did not plan the walkout on Wednesday March 28th. They did encourage providers, families etc to wear Black in support of The Joy Initiative.
    That planning credit goes to a one very courageous Preschool Center owner by the name of Elizabeth Bangert from Hear We Grow Child Care Center in Mankato Mn.
    “The Joy initiative” is her baby. I strongly encourage you to go to her Facebook page The Joy Initiative, Mn and see the real reason this was all started. Better yet contact her. Even better watch all the meetings from the videos from the hearings.
    Your phrase on “ Pimping” was, in my opinion accurate for MCCPIN.
    Thank you for allowing me to excersise my 1st amendment right.
    Vicki Peterson
    In Home Provider
    P.S. where did you find that flyer ? I can’t find it anywhere.

    1. Hi Vicki: Thank you for responding to the article. The link to the flyer can be found here
      As you can see from the flyer, a walkout and rally at the MN Capitol was planned from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.to call attention to the child care crisis. Those providers who could not attend were encouraged to wear black. It is true that day care providers must comply with many rules and regulations, making it hard for them to operate their business. I have read the bills currently being heard this legislative session. Mandatory fingerprinting and background checks of children older than 13 is particularly egregious.

      My primary goal was to shine the light on MCCPIN and why it was founded, which is to support the major legislative push, Child Care for Working Families Act. Much like the federal Department of Education, this legislation will create many federal mandates which will in turn burden home providers and large child care centers.

      I’m sure that as an independent day care provider, you are aware that preschool centers are operated like a school where children are segregated by age. In other words, there is a big difference between a home provider and a center.

      “A Day Without Child Care” sounds similar to “A Day Without A Woman,” which is a well funded group with the intention to divide. Walkouts are always meant to be disruptive. It’s the bully affect as it is one sided and there is no debate.

      Susan Richardson

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