Minnesota Democrats Demand Gun Confiscation Hearings be Held in Public School to Use Students as Props

The Minnesota House Public Safety Committee had scheduled gun control bills HF8 and HF9 to be heard at a public school to use students as props.

Representative Carlos Mariani, chair of the House Public Safety Committee, was playing games with Minnesotans gun owners by announcing that gun control hearings would be held at Valley View Middle School in Edina, MN. This historic and pathetic move to use Minnesota students as props for gun control is a new low for state Democrats.

Republican minority members of the House Public Safety Committee, in an effort to stave off disaster, sent a letter to Chair Mariani requesting the hearings be moved back to the Capitol where they belonged, demanding transparency and due process.

The changes in venues for the hearings is enough to make your head spin. In a dizzying game of musical chairs, Mariani announced the hearings would be held at a school in Edina then changed his mind on Saturday evening and announced the hearings would be held at Hopkins High School. A few hours after the announcement the hearings would be held at a public school in Hopkins, the venue changed back to the Capitol where it belonged in the first place.

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus kept a watchful eye on the venue changes.

As Political leaders, school superintendents, police officers and church leaders have all fallen under the spell which has birthed a modern, liberal criminology that portray criminals as victims of social injustice and gun owners as perpetrators of school violence, one can only imagine the dangerous mixture of screaming students, antifa, and gun owners on public school property.

Perhaps it’s time for Minnesota Republicans to play the same game; schedule abortion related bills at Planned Parenthood; schedule bills that include more money for CCAP at a fraudulent daycare center. Gloves off Republicans or we are going to loose our Constitutional right to bear arms!  Don’t let the snow, cold, and gloom of night keep you away.  Head to the Capital, Room 120 on Wednesday, February 27th, 7:00 pm, and demand these elected officials keep their self serving hands off your inalienable 2nd Amendment rights.