MN Lobbyists Reshaped Legislative Process Making it Less Transparent

In preparation for the upcoming 2019 legislative session, Rep. Gene Pelowski (DFL Winona) held an informational meeting with lobbyists on reforming the legislative process. Testimony from special interest groups was used to adopt a rule change, which passed with the support of the Democrats in the House. The rule change will prevent the public from having adequate time to testify and participate in the legislative process.
The powerful special interest groups invited to the informational meeting on legislative process reform included  the League of Women Voters,  lobbyist John Kaul, MN Newspaper Association,  National Conference of State LegislatorsMN Government Relations Council, and Griffin Government Consulting.

The first vote on the House floor in Minnesota was to adopt a House rule to change the legislative process. In the original process, House members draft a bill which is scrutinized on its path to becoming a law by various committees. The committee process is important; it’s where legislators gather for public input and testimony; it’s where amendments are offered to improve the legislation; it’s where house members have the opportunity to approve the bill for further action or to stop it.

Legislators often invite their constituents who will be impacted by legislation to travel to St. Paul and testify for or against bills. No more! The first act by the Democrat controlled House was to suspend the process. The powerful Ways and Means Committee will assign a bill to subcommittees in one day with only a memo or lay the bill over for inclusion in the omnibus bill all without committee votes; without testimony from the public and without adequate opposition research from staff.

Democrat legislative process rule change

Take a look at the who voted for and who voted against this dangerous rule change on the House floor. If there is a green dot next to your legislators name, they are against your right to offer input into legislation. A red dot means that your legislator is fighting for transparency.

This abuse of power by the Democrats might aid the powerful anti-gun lobbyists to pass legislation contrary to your rights to own a firearm. Gun confiscation and background check bills are now assigned to the Ways and Means Committee. You won’t know which sub-committee these dangerous bills are assigned to and you won’t be given adequate notice to submit public testimony. The bills below can pass through subcommittees in one day or be laid over for inclusion in the final omnibus bill without a hearing.

Take a look at this farce of a committee hearing to amend the legislative process in the video below. Hang on folks! The 2019 legislative session is looking more and more like a complete joke. Enter the frozen banana republic of Minnesota at your own risk.


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