Ilhan Omar Joins Attack on Covington Boys, Deletes Tweet After Lawsuit Threat

After social media backlash and threat of a lawsuit, Minnesota Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar deleted her vicious tweet about the maligned Covington Catholic boys.

On Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019, Representative Omar (D-MN) decided to share her opinion about the Covington Catholic school controversy in a tweet and then deleted it after she was threatened with a defamation lawsuit.

In her tweet, Omar not only attacked the boys, but she also claimed the boys were “taunting 5 Black men.” These “black men” in the full-length video, can be heard hurling vile, racist insults at the children.

The response to Omar’s vicious tweet was quick and furious.  As of the publication of this article, more than 18,000 people had replied to Omar’s tweet.


A reply to Omar’s tweet, made by attorney Robert Barnes, made it clear that a lawsuit may be in her future.

Sometime mid-Wednesday morning, Omar deleted the tweet, with no apology or retraction statement.

Barnes, working pro bono, has been retained by several Covington families and others to pursue lawsuits against the “verified bullies” who defamed and slandered the teen boys on Twitter and in the media. Robert Barnes made an appearance on Fox & Friends today and explained the planned lawsuit.

CJ Pearson, a young conservative personality on Twitter and Facebook, working with others (including Ali Alexander, Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec), has led the charge to gather the hateful smears, threats and attacks against the Covington boys.  His response to Omar’s tweet may have also helped to persuade the freshman congresswoman to delete her tweet.

Pearson and the others have worked tirelessly to assist the Covington families during these horrific attacks on their characters and names.  A GoFundMe campaign was launched, originally to help with fees and other expenses accrued with the planned defamation lawsuit.  However, a private donor came forward to cover all those expenses.  The Covington families have decided to donate the full GoFundMe campaign donations to Students for Life – the largest pro-life youth organization in the United States.

Despite continued attempts to smear, defame and destroy the Covington boys and their families, it looks like good may come out of this in the end.

Featured photo credit: Linda Sarsour, Facebook