Only Submissive Women Need Apply!

The Republican Party of Minnesota (RPM) leadership have officially betrayed a significant segment of its base.  The Republican women.

With ample indifference to women, the RPM accepted a Somali American Republicans of Minnesota (SARM) party affiliate during the April 29th State Central Committee (SCC) meeting last year.

Somali or Islamic, it is a distinction without a difference to women living in a free society.  Within the Somali culture or under the totalitarian regime of Islam, women do not enjoy equality or individual freedom.  This fact is not debatable.

According to the World Bank organization, 98% of Somali women have been subjected to Female Genital Mutilation(FGM). This and the subjugation of women through Sharia Law do not mesh with the U.S. Constitution nor the National Republican Party platform.

It really does make one wonder if ‘Muslim Conservative’ is an oxymoron!

Fool’s Errand

And, not to be out done by the Grand O’l Party, the Minnesota Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) has scheduled its May 12th convention to be held at the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Mosque—er, I mean Dar Al-Farooq Community Center.

Yes.  The infamous Bloomington mosque.  The same Islamic mosque attended by convicted jihadi terrorists and several other alleged ISIS recruits.

The growing list of children of Muslim immigrants turned terrorist leaves one wondering if all the vetting and focus on adult refugees resettled by the federal program isn’t more of a distraction from the very real threat to national security.  Are the growing number of mosques in America, such as the Bloomington mosque, a breeding ground for a new wave of terrorism?

Upon learning of the scheduled RLC convention location, a friend of mine, obviously upset, called me and asked, “How can I attend the convention?  I can not go into that building!”

Bottom line—she does not feel safe nor does she believe her equality as an American woman would be respected by those within the mosque, those who practice an ideology forcing women into a role of submission.

Will there be two categories of women within the Republican party?  Christian women who not only enjoy but demand equality and the hijab-donning second class Islamic women?

Are we duty-bound to put on a smiley face feigning the differences do not exist?

Biblically Illiterate

Leo Hohmann, author of ‘Stealth Invasion,’ interviewed the RLC Chairman Zavier Bicott for his April 17th column ‘Republican caucus to hold annual convention at notorious Minnesota mosque.’

Bicott revealed to Hohmann that he has never read the Quran and has only recently started reading the Bible for the first time.

With essentially no religious education, Bicott naively believes by scheduling the RLC convention at the Bloomington mosque he is spreading his libertarian philosophy to Muslims.

“The Republican Liberty Caucus is the conscience of the Republican Party in Minnesota.  Individual liberty is what brings us together, the idea that we all want to live free.  We need to find ways to grow the party and give courage to Muslim Republicans to stand up in their community and say: ‘I’m a Republican and I believe in individual liberty.’”

(Full disclosure here, I lived in Iran when I was a teen, so please, give me a second while I LMAO!)

Ignorance may be bliss but, in this case, stupidity may alienate a significant proportion of the Republican base.  I admit some women don’t get it… yet!  But, many of us do.

Many women will not feel comfortable attending the RLC convention and will not ignore the fact that the RPM has embraced a community that does not recognize ‘individual liberty’ and certainly not the ‘equality’ of women.

While thoughtlessly abandoning women within the party, a small faction of decision makers appear to be falling all over themselves in their naïve stampede to skim off as many potential Muslim voters, mostly refugees, from the New Socialist Party of Minnesota (formerly known as the DFL).

The message to Republican women is clear…  Only submissive women need apply!



14 thoughts on “Only Submissive Women Need Apply!”

  1. Every central committee member, delegate and alternate to MnGOP state convention needs to read this column! Well done A.J..

  2. Personally I think Mr. Bicott, should down his Bible for now and start reading the Quran. This way he can learn about Islam as our founding fathers did.
    The only thing Islam understands and believes is that all other religions are wrong and must be wiped out by any means. Islam is not a religion as we in the West understand what religion is. Islam is also a governing body that is built right into it, and they can not be separated.
    It really is that simple, they can lie, cheat or do anything they can to get you to drop your guard. In this case our Country, and once they have the numbers they will slowly try to change our government into an Islamic State. Now if they can’t win that way they will try force.
    Some people may think I am nuts, and maybe so. But time will tell, I just hope America wakes up before its to late. God Bless

  3. HUGE mistake to have the event there. I would not feel comfortable attending there and you can’t tell me they couldn’t find another place to hold this event.

    1. Zavier wants to make a “hugs are a good therapy” statement, and introduce this group to the wonders of “freedom” and “liberty”…

      I spoke with him for around 40 minutes when this announcement was made..

      His head is in the clouds about this.

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  5. Republican Liberty Caucus sound like Dems. Liberty to do whatever they feel like. I thought Republicans stood for liberty to do what’s right. God’s Word is guidebook. Hard to do if have no knowledge of what’s right. Did they go to failed public schools/brainwashed?

  6. This is SO far past being a joke, it should be criminal

    Thanks for the great writing

  7. There are all sorts of libertarians, trying to wear the quasi-Republican label, and quasi- Republicans trying to wear the libertarian label, all working either wittingly or unwittingly to usurp the party of conservatives.

    Libertarianism is good in the context of economics, but beyond that it is not an apt fit within the GOP.

    Much of their effort to woo the Islamists is just “electioneering” based upon the errant perspective of attracting voters. It is time to work to attract voters on the basis of principle, not on the basis of pandering to all groups in the hope of garnering votes. The electorate will respond to principle, not pandering.

  8. Great job A.J. We need you to run………
    The annual Republication convention is a Mosque? Give me a break. I guess we all know of someone who would tell us, “If you don’t like the setting for the convention, don’t come!”

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