Planned Parenthood’s New Campaign: “Freedom to F*”

In this day of rising Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) and out of wedlock pregnancies, Planned Parenthood is rolling out a new marketing campaign entitled “Protect Our Freedom to F*ck” (asterisk included to protect the easily offended).

According to Human, Planned Parenthood in New York City launched the campaign in the hopes of increasing donations to the famed abortion mill.

The campaign features a handout that contains a cheap condom and a crass message.

As Human writes, Planned Parenthood has promoted irresponsible promiscuity under the guise of feminism and female empowerment. Human Defense quotes from an article in Psychology Today, written by Dr. Fredric Neuman who said the promiscuous behavior promoted by Planned Parenthood has been detrimental to women, causing them to feel cheap both to themselves and to others around them.And while the Planned Parenthood marketing piece includes a condom, Human says the condoms being used are apparently one of the worst brands on the market, according to Consumer Reports. This is leading some critics of the campaign to suspect if the deliberate use of an inferior brand of condoms is intentional.  A broken condom can lead to an unwanted pregnancy, and voila! Instant business for Planned Parenthood. The Hill reports Planned Parenthood aborted 321,384 babies last year.

Planned Parenthood’s new marketing campaign is in contrast to the proposal that feminists of the Pink-Hat Brigade proposed just a few short months ago where the fear of overturning Roe v. Wade led women to propose a sex strike. The movement, which never took off, used the hashtag: “#Lysistrata2018”. In a tweet, one of the leaders of this proposal encouraged “single and dating” women to add a female judge emoji to their dating profiles to show they won’t date or sleep with anyone who is pro-life. Planned Parenthood is throwing that all out the window, encouraging women to sleep with whomever they wish.

No matter what, Planned Parenthood has outdone itself in the marketing department. But then again, it is only fitting that a filthy, vulgar and disgusting campaign is used to promote a place whose primary business is to kill babies.