President Donald Trump Offers Border Security Compromise

January 19, 2019 – President Donald Trump proposed what he called a “common sense compromise” to the border crisis and government shutdown.

The proposal includes:

  • $800 million in humanitarian assistance for the southern border
  • $805 million in additional drug detection technology at the southern border ports of entry
  • 2,750 additional border agents and law enforcement
  • 75 additional immigration judge teams to push through the 900,000 person backlog of immigration cases
  • $5.7 billion for physical barriers (wall) at strategic locations along the southern border
  • 3 years in legal relief for 700,000 DACA recipients, which includes protections from deportation
  • 3 year extension of temporary protected status for 300,000 illegal immigrants

President Trump said the proposal “solves the immediate crisis” and if accepted, would immediately open the government, something of which the Democrats claim is of the highest priority.  Trump also stated that the three year DACA measures would give Congress time to work on real immigration reform to solve the crisis.

The Democrats, lead by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have said that the proposals are a “non-starter” according to the Associated Press.  However, in his Saturday afternoon speech, President Trump stated that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell planned to bring the proposal to a vote in the Senate this week.

Once again, our fearless President has shown the ability to propose common sense solutions while exposing the Democrats’ game: it obvious that the Democratic leadership has no real need for opening government and returning paychecks to the 800,000 government workers affected by the shutdown; nor do they seem to care about the DACA recipients.  The attitude put forth by Nancy Pelosi and others is that it’s “their way or the highway.”

Let’s see who blinks first.


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