Separated at the Border? Nope.

(Photo: Denis, Sandra and Valera Sanchez in Honduras, Credit: The Daily Mail)

Woman and child photographed at US Border were never separated as media claimed.

The detaining of migrant children by US Border Patrol at the border has become a YUGE issue; one that the left seems determined to fuel their “Blue Wave” (which is now looking more like a “Blue Trickle” bringing to mind the liquid that falls out of airplanes while in flight) in the 2018 Midterms.  The MSM has jumped onto the bandwagon, despite the fact that this policy is not a new one, determined to use it to level attacks at President Trump.  What better issue to cause hysteria and distract from the amazing accomplishments President Trump has had this month, and also to get Americans focused on something other than the daily news of corruption coming out of the Inspector General’s report hearings in Congress?

Time magazine’s latest cover exploits the issue, using a photo shot by a Getty’s photographer of a little Honduran girl crying as her mother is patted down TSA-style when they were caught entering the US illegally earlier this month.  Liberals and the media (really, they’re one and the same, right?) screamed about the two-year-old little girl being “ripped” (favorite talking point word for this issue) from her mother’s arms – “Doesn’t President Trump have any compassion?  Doesn’t he have a heart? This is terrible!  Like Nazi concentration camps!  He’s a fascist/racist/evil, evil orange cheeto!” the pundits screeched.

Image: Screen grab of Time Magazine’s July cover from @TIME via The Washington Times

News has broken concerning the little girl in the photo.  According to The Daily Mail, Valera and her mother, Sandra Sanchez have never been separated.  In fact, they have been housed together in a family detention area since crossing the border.  Not only that, but according to Buzzfeed, this isn’t the mother’s first attempt to cross into the US – in fact, she was deported back to Honduras in 2013:

The ICE statement read:

On June 12, 2018, Sandra Maria Sanchez, 32, a previously deported woman from Honduras illegally re-entered the United States,” . She was arrested by agents with U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Border Patrol near Hidalgo, Texas, while traveling with a family member. On June 17, 2018, Sanchez was transferred to ICE custody, and is currently housed at the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Texas. Her immigration proceedings are ongoing.

On July 3, 2013, Sanchez was encountered by immigration officials in Hebbronville, Texas. On July 9, 2013, she was transferred to ICE ERO custody. On July 18, 2013, Sanchez was removed to Honduras under expedited removal.


In an interview, the mother’s husband told The Daily Mail that the woman took the two year old child and left for the border, leaving him and their THREE other children in Honduras.  She paid a coyote (a human smuggler) $6000 to get to the US, and plans to apply for “political asylum.”  Here are excerpts from The Daily Mail report:

He revealed that his wife had previously mentioned her wish to go to the United States for a ‘better future’ but did not tell him nor any of their family members that she was planning to make the trek.

‘I didn’t support it. I asked her, why? Why would she want to put our little girl through that? But it was her decision at the end of the day.’

He said that Sandra had always wanted to experience ‘the American dream’ and hoped to find a good job in the States.

Denis, who works as a captain at a port on the coast of Puerto Cortes, explained that things back home were fine but not great, and that his wife was seeking political asylum.

He said that Sandra set out on the 1,800-mile journey with the baby girl on June 3, at 6am, and he has not heard from her since.

‘I never got the chance to say goodbye to my daughter and now all I can do is wait’, he said, adding that he hopes they are either granted political asylum or are sent back home.

The couple has three other children, son Wesly, 14, and daughters Cindy, 11, and Brianna, six.

He said he heard from friends that his wife paid $6,000 for a coyote – a term for someone who smuggles people across the border.

‘I wouldn’t risk my life for it. It’s hard to find a good job here and that’s why many people choose to leave. But I thank God that I have a good job here. And I would never risk my life making that journey.’

The US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) defines “Political Asylum” as: “Refugee status or asylum may be granted to people who have been persecuted or fear they will be persecuted on account of race, religion, nationality, and/or membership in a particular social group or political opinion.”

The term “Experience the American Dream” isn’t included in that definition. If someone wants to apply for political asylum, there are better ways to do so than illegally crossing the US border as explained by The National Review:

There’s a better way to claim asylum. Every indication is that the migrant flow to the United States is discretionary. It nearly dried up at the beginning of the Trump administration when migrants believed that they had no chance of getting into the United States. Now, it is going in earnest again because the message got out that, despite the rhetoric, the policy at the border hasn’t changed. This strongly suggests that the flow overwhelmingly consists of economic migrants who would prefer to live in the United States, rather than victims of persecution in their home country who have no option but to get out.

Even if a migrant does have a credible fear of persecution, there is a legitimate way to pursue that claim, and it does not involve entering the United States illegally. First, such people should make their asylum claim in the first country where they feel safe, i.e., Mexico or some other country they are traversing to get here. Second, if for some reason they are threatened everywhere but the United States, they should show up at a port of entry and make their claim there rather than crossing the border illegally.

But, back to little Valera and her mother, Sandra Sanchez. Not only is it a lie that Valera was separated from her mother, but where are the tears for the children Ms. Sanchez left behind or the for Valera’s father who told The Daily Mail that he wasn’t even able to say “good-bye” to his daughter? Essentially, it seems Ms. Sanchez kidnapped Valera from her father, abandoned three other children, endangered Valera by subjecting her to the journey with human smugglers from Honduras to the US, and then committed a felony by attempting to re-enter the US illegally after she had already been deported in 2013.

The Left’s intention to cause mass hysteria (that includes no small number of violent threats against President Trump, the First Family and members of Congress) over the detaining of children at the border has worked.  So much so that President Trump signed an Executive Order mandating that families illegally entering the US should be kept together.  The MSM and left also seem to be ignoring the fact that the majority of children being detained arrive unaccompanied or with an adult who is not a relative.  The crocodile tears shed by the left (yes, Rachel Maddow, here’s looking at you) seem to be faux outrage considering the fact that this is a policy that has been going on since Bill Clinton was POTUS.

As Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a crisis go to waste…”

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  1. Are the tents and land owned by the politicians who are charging the tax-payer 10 times the cost ? Weather or not “bulldoze them back across the boarder”.

  2. ————————–

    there is no way of knowing which kids are truly related to the adults. They do not even bring identifications or birth certificates. It is truly a mess of grand proportions. Telemundo and Univision have done documentaries in Spanish, that I have seen showing and interviewing the rural people of central America purposely sending the children to the border ALONE!!! How is the USA to know what is true or not?

    Most Americans do not really know what is happening and how it is happening because they do not speak Spanish. The thugs in now converting into communist countries force families to send the children alone, because they would be raped, murdered, or sold into sex slavery. It is all a very meticulous Castro Cuban Communist plan since 1998 to disrupt and create division and unbalance in the USA. That is just one of the many angles they are using, race is another, and CITGO/ROSNEFT are paying for the Democrats, Bernard Sanders, Danny Glovers, Antifa, the communist party of America, even Joe Kennedy to disrupt the laws, beliefs, and the constitution of the USA. Hard to believe but ask any other Venezuelan.

    “These families are in many instances manipulated (by dark agendas interested in importing socialism and chaos into the U.S) into crossing the borders illegally. Looking for asylum is valid under extenuating circumstances but it can be done in a legal way without exposing families o die in the desert or being prosecuted as criminals. Breaking the laws at any given country has consequences for those deciding to go that route. I feel sorry for the wrong decision these parents are taking. The government is not a parent of anyone, (no the parent of its own citizens neither the parent of uninvited visitors) and is no responsible for what ppl do. The role of the government is mainly to administer Security and Justice.” by Flor Sulbaran, a Venezuelan like me, that because we speak Spanish understand more than most Americans what the real truth is.

    I agree on DNA testing, but that takes time.

    Also, some of the kids have been on weeks journey with some adults, they have grown attached and perhaps indoctrinated to say the adults are their parents.


    Let me put you an example, this is NOT a new problem. When I worked at Prospect Highschool back in 1996, One of my students was a 14-year-old Mexican boy. He was in my class of English as a Second Language. I became friends with him, and I suspected something was not right one day when he showed up to school in cowboy clothes, and very expensive cowboy boots

    So, I started asking about his parents. Little by little he started opening up. He was very zealous. One day, “his father” came to the ESL center with him. To my shock, “his father” was a white gringo man, very well dressed. The next day, I gather the courage to ask him about “his father” who was registered as his father in all school data. To make the story short, in a period of 3 months, I uncovered a ring of males of all nationalities that were paying COYOTES in San Diego, to bring boys to the USA, where they had them as sex slaves.

    I had to translate for that boy at a high school principal, and local law enforcement meeting where he confessed that the man that was supposed to be his father, raped him every day anally. The “father” would force him to suck him and do housework. The man was arrested, other were to, and the boy was deported.
    Moreover, as an English as a second language teacher, and for the last 20 years having experienced the following: more than 20 people living in a garage, when little girls are raped by cousins, and the cousin of cousin, where a mothers have two (3…4) jobs to make ends meet (of which they get laid off often because they have fake papers), and use the television or video games as babysitter, and when the central American mothers or fathers (fathers abandon the family as soon as they come in) NEVER EVER show up for parent-teacher conferences, or students come to school once per week because the car is always broken, or come to school starving because the anti-segregation buses picked them up at 6 am, to bus them far away from their local school because it is impacted, or sick OFTEN with green buggers rolling down their sleeves, or worse when you are just beginning to make progress for them to learn English, the family needs to move, as they do, every 2 1/2 month.

    Or when they Go back without telling anyone, and that special part the kid had in a play, has to be filled by the teacher, because everyone in the class has already a part, and when they come back by the end of the school year.

    I had to beg in the school cafeteria for food, and sometimes even secretly acquired juices, Chocolate Milk, or food that had been discarded at the end of the day to give to my students, and 13 years later discovering (when I worked for the Food Bank and signing people for Food Stamps) that many students have precisely Join a gang, become drug addicts, or the girls have become pregnant of different partners. No! it is not racist, it is the truth.
    One more thing, stop being such a snowflake, your experience (or rather the lack of it) does not match my experience, and most importantly STATISTICS.

    You as many in your generation should be fighting to defend this country, or dear do not get marry and do not have children and do not go to school and do not achieve any excellence, it will be futile, and not worth it when the rest of the world wants to take away your accomplishments, your house, your country, your car, your food.

    You will not be such naïve then and do not ever think it would not happen here in the USA, it has happened in many other countries already.

    What you and many other people should be making sure in that their countries are freed from oppression, cocaine cartels, and tyrants, that way like we Venezuelans would not want to leave our culture, our families, our country.

    However, it precisely because the USA has a RULE of law that everyone wants to come here, running away from the corruption that pesters these countries, where there is no rule of law, and by coming here want to continue the cycle of corruption of breaking the laws to get away with what they want. Do you know that most of these people come with vices such as stealing the electric, the cable, the gas, the water? Come with vices such as driving without insurance, and when they kill someone or run into a car they do not have a way of paying it, or when the car gets damaged in the freeway they leave it there for tax dollars to clean them up? Corruption runs thru Hispanic and Latin Americans that have not grown with USA constitution and rule of law and have no incentives to be HONEST.

    The minute we start making excuses to allow millions of people into the USA, the RULE of LAW will be broken, and you, my dear, better prepared yourself to die destitute because they will take it away. EVERY BIT OF IT.

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