Stop the Madness Mitch McConnell

The Constitution says that the ultimate authority of who gets a Senate seat is the Senate itself — not corrupt election officials in Florida or the courts.

The U.S. Senate must use the power of the U.S. Constitution to prevent the election from being stolen by corrupt election officials in the state of Florida. It’s been done before and can be done again.

For those of us who live in Minnesota, finding ballots in the trunk of a car is nothing new. According to an article by the Washington Examiner, in the 2008 campaign between Norm Coleman and the now disgraced Al Franken, Coleman led Franken by 725 votes. By that evening, Coleman was ahead by only 477 votes after ballots found in the trunk of the car of the Director of elections in Minneapolis were added to the count. This was followed by a suspicious recount which ended in the defeat of Coleman. The disastrous result was the one vote needed from Franken to pass the notorious Obamacare.

On Wednesday, boxes marked “provisional ballot box” were found in the back of a rental car at a Florida airport. The ballots were blank but could easily have been filled out and returned to the county for counting.

One thing is for sure, the democrats seem to lack ingenuity when it comes to stealing votes and for some reason the Republicans haven’t caught on as to how to prevent or correct the situation. Wringing of hands and angst are what we can expect from the ineffective Republicans.

According to the Washington Post, the Democrats planned on using the Senate Ethics manual to remove  Judge Roy Moore for improper conduct had he won his election in Alabama. No wringing of the hands or angst with the Democrats. They use whatever it takes to take out Republicans.

The majority power in the Senate have used its Constitutional authority in the past to select a winner after the dust of a recount settled. Check out the election case of John Durkin vs. Louis Wyman of New Hampshire in 1975. Durkin (D) trailed Wynan (R) by 355 votes. After 2 recounts, Wyman (R) was ahead by 2 votes. Durkin asked the Senate, controlled by his fellow Democrats, to step in. The Democrats in the Senate declared the seat vacant which forced New Hampshire to schedule a new election. The result shouldn’t be a surprise – Durkin (D) won the seat.

With ballot machines belching smoke in Florida and truckloads of ballots popping up around Broward County, we are all sick and tired of being sick and tired of this election fraud game. It’s a game the Democrats have perfected. Mitch McConnell, step up to the plate and use the power given to you by the Constitution. Enough already!