On Wednesday, June 20, 2018, thousands of fans lined up at the AMSOIL Arena in Duluth, Minnesota to see their “Rockstar”: President Donald J. Trump.

Just as Elvis forever transformed rock & roll, Donald Trump has forever transformed the  Presidency. Like Elvis back in his day, fans of Trump will stand in line for hours in the dark, “camp out” to get a good seat, risk getting robbed and beaten to see their favorite star and dress in fan wear to let everyone know they belong to team Trump. Try insulting Elvis when talking to an Elvis fan and see what happens. Insult our beloved Trump by shouting at us, wearing masks to intimidate us and you might get your butt kicked.

I was one of those fans attending the Duluth Trump rally; I stood in the dark without air conditioning, I risked getting attacked by violent fascists and drove several hours to see my favorite president.

In line at the Duluth Trump rally during a power outage that left Trump supporters in the dark.

We’ve all seen it; the “fake-news” media, Democrats, Republicans and the establishment trying every method in their playbook to take down Trump. Much to their surprise, he’s still standing stronger than ever. What will it take to separate a “Trumper” from Trump? I asked a couple standing in line behind me, sporting their Trump-wear, if they will ever stop loving and supporting this man. The answer was an emphatic, “NO!” Anything the media does to attack Trump, abusive treatment by the elites, violence and intimidation only makes us stronger, they said.

Security at the event was tight: bomb sniffing dogs, dump-trucks filled with sand lining the parking lot and street in front of the arena and an armored vehicle parked outside the entrance made it seem as if we were entering a war zone rather than a rally. Once the lights came back on, we slowly snaked our way through the zig-zag pattern meant to keep the line nice and orderly. We made our way to the sky-way and security told us to enter the arena or go back down the stairs to an outside entrance. We chose to enter the arena where we were met with metal detectors and more armed security.

President Trump fans wait in line to get into the Duluth, Minnesota rally on June 20, 2018
President Trump fans wait in line to get into the Duluth, Minnesota rally on June 20, 2018.

Finally, safe and sound inside the arena, we could feel the energy of the crowd building as we waited for our rockstar to make an appearance. The red, white and blue all over the arena made us proud to be Americans.

Inside the Duluth Trump Rally arena, June 20, 2018

Once the big guy arrived, Trump spoke about the numerous crimes of Hillary, immigration and the Inspector General’s report. “Obama had bigger problems than anybody,” said Trump regarding immigration. The word “immigration” triggered a reaction from several protesters in the arena. Unable to retreat to a “safe-space” the protesters were surrounded by Trump’s dedicated Secret Service detail. “Get em out of here!” said Trump. “Is that one a man or a woman?” asked the amused Trump regarding a protester sporting a less than manly “man bun.” As the man-child protester made his way out of the arena, shouting at the crowd followed by an unkempt looking woman-child protester, we the people loudly showed our contempt. A few more protesters were removed and we all relaxed knowing we were among friends

Once the rally was over, we made our way outside only to be greeted by screaming mobs of protesters. Our response was to shout them down with “Trump, Trump, Trump!” An older gentleman reached for my hand, offering comfort. I couldn’t help noticing his sign, “Blacks for Trump!” These brave supporters stood between us and Trump haters like a buffer zone. I have to say, I admire these folks and their courage to leave the leftist plantation. Trump himself took special note of Blacks for Trump at a rally in Sanford, Florida.

As we made our way toward the downtown area, we witnessed proud Americans waving American flags from the top of the parking ramp. We the people know that Trump has made American great again, put America back to work again and made America respected again. Will we attend another rally? Heck yeah!

UPDATED June 21, 2018 5:56pm ET