We Are The Deplorable Housewives

Are you a “Deplorable” too?

During the 2016 election, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton famously called half of all Trump supporters “Deplorables.”

Since then, Trump supporters have embraced the term “Basket of Deplorables.”  At a recent Trump rally in Elkhart, Indiana, people in line for the event were heard saying to one another, “Hey! I’m in the ‘Basket’!” It has become a term that solidifies the Trump movement.

Clinton lost (thank goodness) and has spent the past year and a half, touring the world talking about her loss and her book “What Happened(?)”.  One of her excuses for her loss was that conservative women only voted for Trump because they were doing the bidding of the men in their lives.  Clinton couldn’t be further from the truth: We know that no one tells Deplorables what to do. (Kind of like “No one puts baby in the corner…”)

This site is the brainchild of three friends.  We have fought battles against school districts, run for office, directed campaigns, worked for election reform, worked with Tea Party groups and local political organizations.  Two of us also worked for another online political/current events news site, as reporters and editor – helping to build it from the ground up until it was receiving monthly traffic in the six-figure range every month. The three of us realized that with our passion, experience in both activism and writing, we could do more: We want not only to inform others through writing, but also to bring people together to support Trump and his efforts to Make America Great Again. We hope to do this helping you make connections with other Deplorables; assisting with ideas and research, and publishing the stories you tell us as well as those stories the MSM refuses to write.

We, The Deplorable Housewives, hope that you find this site informative as well as entertaining!  However, we also have goals for this site: Having been on the forefront of political battles, we know what a lonely, scary place that can be.  So, along with this site and the Facebook page, a Deplorable Housewives of the Midwest group has been formed to assist other Deplorable Housewives connect with one another.

This is a site that is meant to be interactive.  If you want to read the articles and be informed, great!  If you like what you are reading, please share the articles with your friends.  If you want to get more involved, join the Deplorable Houswives group, share it with your friends, and start making connections.  Share the issues about which you are passionate.  Brainstorm with other Deplorables on what can be done – is it something that could be put on Change.org? Is it a letter-writing campaign? Or something even bigger that requires more support and assistance? Post it on the group, message the Housewives on FB or via email (TheWives@DeplorableHousewives.news), and discover you are not alone in your battle.

And while this site is called The Deplorable Housewives of the Midwest, it is not a “man-free” zone.  Men and their voices are very important.  Equality is important – not the neo-Feminist version of equality that requires men to give up their masculinity and be submissive to women, but true equality where both sexes are genuinely heard and appreciated.  That is why there are also male writers on staff: here at DH, all voices are welcome.

So, here are some things you, dear readers, can do:

1. Send us stories of how your freedom and values are being maligned and let us help you share it.

2. Like, comment, and SHARE the stories and posts from this site and our Facebook page.

3. Join our private FB group, just for us Deplorables, and meet and get to know your fellow Patriots! We hope you will connect with people in your area, and even get together IN PERSON to help support each other.

4. If you are on Twitter, please follow us at @DeplorableWives.

5. Laugh! We can be serious about these issues, and yet still enjoy the blessings of being Americans. Feel free to send funny memes, favorite recipes, and hilarious parenting moments. Let’s smile at life.

Together we can support and encourage one another while working to Make America Great Again.


6 thoughts on “We Are The Deplorable Housewives”

  1. Joan Ostler, Indiana Proud Deplorable! Wouldn’t change my beliefs for no one, We are in a sad, sad, sorry state! Everyone needs God in their lives! I never have seen such hatred and filthy language! Shame! Is this what we want our young to see and hear! Other countries see this and think, what a bunch of losers! Trump was an ok businessman, before he became elected President, so he said some things in a locker room 20 yrs ago, I got news for you, millions of men and I’m sure lots if women have said nasty things! Hey look at Clinton he may not have said things in public, but, his actions speak volumes! So Trump doesn’t play Mr. Nice Guy, you shit on him, he’s not gonna put up with your ignorant remarks, and I don’t blame him! He didn’t getvwhere he is by letting people trample on his person! He is what he is, because,what he is! He’s done more for our country then the last 5 presidents! Proud to be a DEPLORABLE!!

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