Stillwater Man Charged with Rape of Mentally Impaired Woman

Grandson of One of Minnesota’s Oldest and Most Iconic Apple Orchard Owner’s Charged with First Degree Rape

Washington County Prosecutors have just released that Christopher Timm Aamodt, age 31, has been charged with 1st degree felony rape of a helpless/mentally impaired victim.

The criminal complaint released by the county states in November of 2016, a 21 year old woman called her family at 2:30 a.m. and said she was being held against her will near an apple orchard. The phone went dead during the conversation. The victim called again and this time family members spoke to a male who stated he would drop the victim off at the intersection of a nearby highway. He refused to give the address. Officers arrived in time to catch Aamodt pulling out of a driveway next to the orchard at which point the victim ran out of his truck to the squad cars.

The female victim reported to police in the criminal complaint that she was with a man fitting Aamodt’s description at a local bar. She had three drinks and the last thing she remembered was waking up in the doorway of a house near the property of the orchard wearing pants that weren’t her own. The victim was transported to the hospital for a laceration near her genital area and she reported her rectum was sore to the point of tears. DNA from semen found on the victim was determined via testing to be a match to Christopher Aamodt.

Christopher is the grandson of Chris Aamodt who owns Aamodt ‘s Apple Farm  in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Aamodt’s Apple Farm is well known in the Twin Cities and has a rich history dating back to 1948 when Chris Senior’s dad started the orchard. The orchard is a family business that has expanded to include a hot air balloon ride company and Thor’s Hard Cider that is owned by Christopher Aamodt.

According to the Thor’s Hard Cider website , “In 2010, Christopher graduated college and took over the growing responsibilities and fruit production at Aamodt’s Apple Farm. Christopher had a plethora of the best Minnesota grown apples at his disposal, so it was only a matter of time before he started experimenting with hard cider formulas.

Washington County is known for making plea deals, and Minnesota has the weakest sex offender laws in the country. If found guilty, Aamodt could serve little to no prison time with a maximum of ten years on the sex offender registry. So far, no word has been given if a plea was accepted or the charges were dropped. The county Prosecutor, Pete Orput, does not respond to questions on “active cases.”

We’ll provide updates as they come related to this case. For more details see Washington County Watchdog’s site on this topic.

Featured Photo: Christopher Timm Aamodt credit Washington County Sheriffs Dept.

*This story has been edited based on new information.

Updated 6/12/2018 3:07 PM


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  1. Bail was set by a Judge that he was able to make and that is why he isn’t in custody.

    Seems you are rushing to judgement without looking at all the facts.

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